Discovered in1814, chlorine dioxide's (ClO2?) anti-microbial properties have been known since 1900 and used to disinfect public drinking water in many countries for over 60 years. ClO2 is made up of one part chlorine and two parts oxygen and is very different from elemental chlorine (bleach).

Chlorine dioxide is a potent and selective oxidizing biocide - its oxidation reactions effectively eliminate the source and transfer of harmful micro-organisms. It can be used in food processing plants, potable water plants, in the hospitality industry, and for industrial and domestic cleaning. It also eradicates the biofilm that forms on equipment and other food contact surfaces. When applied at the correct concentration in water it does not corrode equipment, nor produce an environment harmful to workers or consumers.

ClO2? is highly effective against odour causing agents as it eliminates the source of the odour instead of merely masking it. It has a clean, crisp smell similar to bleach, but is more powerful and safer to use for you and the environment - it does not produce trihalomethanes (THM's) and other carcinogenic by-products that chlorine does.

Chlorine dioxide meets GMP, HACCP, SQF or any other quality food safety management system or environmental system for consistency of performance. This is because ClO2?particles in water can be accurately and easily measured. Currently no other disinfectant/oxidiser can make this claim.

To conclude, KIM Clean is an oxidant with few chemical reactions, no pH limitations, very low toxicity, worldwide approval for drinking water, very high efficacy against micro-organisms.

Benefits of chlorine dioxide

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